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Carton Forming Machinery

McGuckin & Pyle, Inc. has been designing and building carton forming equipment for 30 years. Besides building tooling for standard cartons for McDonalds, Burger King Wendy's etc. we have also designed and built innumerable sets of custom tooling to fold and glue a variety of unique shaped cartons.

Recently we have introduced our new carton converting machine which features "no blank no glue" technology to reduce scrap among many new features and benefits. We are currently developing another new machine capable of folding and gluing large and/or deeper cartons.

We work closely with our customers, sometimes during the carton design phase, to insure the final structure suits their customer and will fold and glue at production speeds with consistency.

Our tooling can fold and glue clamshell cartons, fry scoops or trays. The size and shape of the cartons determines the number of lanes the machine can fold.

High Speed Carton Converter Machine  · Quick Change Tooling  · Packing Chutes and Table  · Specifications  · Additional Information

High Speed Carton Converter Machine
Our newly designed high speed formers come complete with the following features:
  • AC Vector Drive Technology, which provides programmable acceleration, programmable preset machine speeds and jog speeds.
  • Manual jog control in both directions for easy set-up.
  • Servo controlled, programmable glue actuation to insure "no blank no glue feature.” This feature reduces the scrap rate and clean up.
  • Programmable stack counters, these counters control when the stack count cylinders fire to mark the cartons when the preset count is reached.
  • Reset-able totalizing counter.
  • To insure accurate counting each of the two sides of the pick & place is equipped with independent blank detection.
  • Electronically controlled air blast at the front of the feed toppers to insure proper blank feeding.
  • Anti-jam detection, to detect if a jam up at the forming section occurs.
  • Stack light indicators.
  • Long life rotary, adjustable vacuum release valves to control the release of the blank at the forming section.
  • Programmable maintenance interval meter.
  • New operator interface for easy programming.
  • Former is designed for quick change tooling.

Quick Change Tooling
Our tooling is designed specifically for high speed forming and gluing and quick changeovers. Tooling changeovers in less than one half hour are possible. We manufacture our own glue nozzle assemblies. which come in (4) sizes. The forming heads are precision machined from aluminum to match the angles and shape of your blanks. The forming chamber has custom chamber bars to insure the proper stack shape and compression. The forming heads and vacuum pick & place motions are mechanically timed to insure problem free operation. Foot pedal control of the pneumatic feed pusher allows for hands free operation for loading blanks.

Packing Chutes and Table
Our packing chutes are 100% stainless steel construction. The packing table has a stainless steel top, welded to a painted steel frame.

We will assemble, wire and test run all the equipment prior to shipping. The tooling will be installed on the machine and tested.



Box Erector
Box Former

Carton Erector

Carton Former

Clam Shell Former

Fast Food Box Former

Folder Gluer

Tray Former


Large/deep carton folding machine
Standard size carton folding machine


Fry Scoops




Blank detection on pick & place for each side of former
Electronically timed air blasts at both feed hoppers insures carton separation

Manual jog control in both directions

No blank no glue for each side

Programmable maintenance interval meter

Quick change tooling with only one tool required

Resetable totalizing counter

Touch screen display

Two long life maintenance free adjustable rotary vacuum valves

Two programmable stack counters


30 minute changeover
Aids in easy set ups

Easy machine adjustments

Independent stack counters for both sides

Insures correct carton count

Production count control

Promotes regular maintenance

Reduced scrap cartons

Reduces air consumption

Reduces maintenance insures repeatable blank release

Design Criteria

Robust design
High speeds

Quick changeover

Blank detection for reduced scrap

Servo actuated gluing

Jam detection & state-of-the-art technology

Custom designed tooling

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